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neodisher PreStop 750 ml - Corrosion inhibitor for the pre-treatment of surgical instruments


Best in class inhibitor to spray on stainless steel instruments right after use.  Allows you to reprocess your instruments within 72 hours of use, rather than right away. Save time and money reprocessing your instruments!


Fields of application:

• Corrosion inhibitor for spraying onto surgical instruments in operating rooms or dental offices directly after use

Performance spectrum:

• Corrosion inhibitor: prevents pitting corrosion on stainless steel instruments which can be caused by adhesive residues of blood or physiological saline solution

• Self-acting pre-cleaning

• Suitable for surgical instruments incl. MIS instruments

• Anodised aluminium must be tested for suitability before use

Special properties:

• Prevents drying of surgical residues by keeping the instruments wet

• Facilitates subsequent cleaning

• Inhibits the growth of micro-organisms on instruments during contact time (bacteriostatic)

Application and dosage:

neodisher PreStop is applied undiluted with the foam sprayer onto the surgical instruments within the disposal container directly after the operation; ensuring a complete wetting. The disposal container must then be kept closed. The instruments treated with neodisher PreStop can be stored for up to 72 hours. Then rinse carefully and reprocess as usual.