Ordering FAQs

What payment types are accepted?


How do I get assistance with my order?

Email us at: support@steripro.ca

What if the item I want is on back order?

Other than gloves – all the items are very well stocked.  The gloves are constantly being sold – however, we bring in over 1 million gloves a week.  We just placed a large order for gloves.  If however, something is on back order the member will still be able to purchase the items, and they will be first in line to have them fulfilled. 

Returns and Cancellations FAQs

What is the return policy?

Refunds will NOT be issued for any FIT failures. Please do not purchase multiple boxes if you have not been fit tested. 

SteriPro adheres to a strict COVID19 disinfection protocol and for the safety of our staff and our customers, we cannot accept returns of PPE.

SteriPro will accept returns for defective products or incorrect orders due to our mistake.  These returns must be initiated by sending an email to support@steripro.ca within 10 days of placing your order (not when you receive it). Please inspect your goods as soon as you receive them.  If the boxes are opened or not in the original condition, SteriPro's quality assurance team will inspect the goods upon return and if they are deemed to be defective we will process your refund.

Shipping fees are non-refundable. 

How do I return a product?

​Ship it to Returns - SteriPro Canada - Warehouse - 6580 Northwest Drive, Unit B, Mississauga Ontario L4V 1L5 

Can I cancel an order?

As long as it hasn't shipped. Yes, simply send an email to support@steripro.ca



How much does shipping cost?

It depends on the weight, shipping service that you select.  You can also pick up the goods for free. 

Is there a minimum order size? No

What if I change my mind? No Problem, if you cancel the order before it has shipped you can cancel without any cost.  If you have any unopened boxes, please ship them back and we will provide you a refund on the goods.


Will all of my items arrive in one shipment? Usually yes.  On the odd occasion, if you have ordered multiple cartons, the delivery service might automatically split up the order, for a quicker delivery.


What if my order is incorrect or defective? Email us and we will get you a replacement product. Defects do to include issues with respect to FIT of the N95 or Kn95 masks. We cannot accept returns on opened or used goods.


How do I track a shipment? When your goods ship, you will receive a tracking number.  Make sure you register with your email address and phone number to get the tracking details.  Check your junk mail for tracking details!

Does SteriPro ship my order?  Yes.

Additional FAQ

  1. Why is the cost so high for these products? – 
  • As COVID19 has spread through the world, the demand for PPE has been sharply increased.  This has led to a spike in the raw material costs of most PPE and this has caused wholesale prices to skyrocket.  This coupled with the high cost of cargo transport right  now has led to the high prices for in stock and authentic PPE. Prices are very dynamic and as such are constantly changing. SteriPro makes best efforts to negotiate volume discounts and allocations in order to have some price stability.
    • Why don’t you carry 3M N95 products?  I have heard of availability of these in large volumes.
    • Authentic 3M products are rarely available.  Unfortunately, there are numerous cases of governments and individuals who have been defrauded in the pursuit of obtaining 3M respirators in high volumes during the pandemic. Due to the warnings made by 3M on the counterfeit masks in the market place, it is not safe for us to be recommend the use of 3M masks purchased from non-authorized resellers. SteriPro has a very strict protocol in order to ensure they only procure authentic products.  SteriPro has a team of individuals who personally inspect the factories and suppliers of the PPE on steripro.ca
      • How much supply do you have of masks, respirators, and gowns?  I am concerned with you selling out of them.
      • SteriPro currently has a very large inventory of in-stock PPE.  We have a steady supply of all the products on our site.  There is no reason to stockpile the PPE on our site.  If we have any products that are at risk of running out, we will immediately inform our clients.
      • How can I be sure of the quality and authenticity of these masks?
      • SteriPro is an ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 certified company.  SteriPro is also accredited by Accreditation Canada and holds numerous Health Canada licenses.  SteriPro's business is based on putting the clinicians and patients first. Providing safe and high quality products is what we stand for.  Certificates for our products are available on request. 
        • I am concerned about being inspected by a regulatory body.  Can you provide evidence of the validity of the respirators you sold me?
        • The N95 masks being sold on SteriPro.ca are Health Canada approved.  SteriPro is happy to work with you to satisfy the regulatory body of the validity of the N95 masks.
        • What is the fit test success rate for your N95s and KN95s? 
        • Individual results do vary.  It is important to follow the manufacturers instructions for use for the masks.  Please note that all brands of N95s including the 3M masks do not have a 100% success rate when it comes to the Fit Test.  SteriPro.ca offers 3 different N95 masks. If one doesn't work you might need to try another. You can always email us at support@steripro.ca if you have any questions and we will try our best to answer them. The Windsory Regional Hospital, has created a video to show how to properly FIT the N95 Folding Mask from GZ Harley (Model # L188), please see below: