Ontario Medical Association (OMA)

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Group Discount Program

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Welcome to SteriPro’s OMA group discount program for PPE.  SteriPro has agreed to provide OMA members access to a large supply of PPE and preferred group pricing.  We have done our best to secure the best pricing for OMA members but with the ongoing high demand for these products and short supply, we can’t guarantee that prices will not increase in the future.


During the Covid-19 pandemic, SteriPro has successfully secured and provided critical PPE to provincial governments and hospitals.  


OMA members will have access to the essential PPE at preferred rates (N95, KN95, Gowns and Cartons have already been discounted.  For all the other PPE please use Discount Code:  OMA)


PRICING: Please note that a lot of people have asked about the higher pricing on the PPE on this site versus the Pre-Covid pricing.  Due to unprecedented demand for authentic PPE, we are seeing a worldwide increase in the cost of raw materials and manufacturing.  This has led to a downstream increase in prices.  The prices being offered on this site are similar to the prices paid by large purchasing groups and government agencies. If you have any additional questions with respect to pricing, please feel free to email us at support@steripro.ca  - Please click here to read an article about the current procurement challenges of PPE experienced by an Ontario Hospital.


Unopened boxes can be returned for a full refund; excluding shipping, if returned within 10 days of placing your order. Refunds will NOT be issued for any FIT failures, opened / used boxes, price reduction, price matching or any reason other than product defects.  SteriPro adheres to a strict COVID19 disinfection protocol and for the safety of our staff and our customers, we cannot accept returns of used / opened goods. 

Discount Code

Please enter in OMA at checkout to receive a 13% discount on select PPE.  Please note the negotiated discount rate on the N95, KN95 and Isolation Gowns has already been applied to the items marked OMA MEMBERS ONLY. 
Please note, that if you are buying in large volumes, you should consider purchasing cartons of the PPE.  This will provide you with wholesale pricing on certain items.  


SteriPro.ca Support:     support@steripro.ca


FAQ for OMA Members


 The Ontario Medical Association is providing this link to SteriPro’s e-commerce portal as a convenience to our members, to enable them to purchase personal protective equipment.  All purchases of products resulting from this portal are purchased from SteriPro and not from the Ontario Medical Association.  The Medical Association is not a party to any purchase made via this portal, and all dealings after this landing page are between the member and SteriPro.  This portal is not intended as an endorsement by the Ontario Medical Association of any particular supplier or its products, and all members are responsible for ensuring that any products they purchased will meet their needs.